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Building your business

hid-up Venture Builder building your business

Hidup Venture Builder was born with the intention of investing in startups that need a boost to sustain the take-off of their business. Startups that use advanced technologies to transform the industry, optimize processes and create disruptive business models.

We are specialized in creating highly scalable startups to accelerate the development of Industry 4.0. We detect opportunities with high potential, choosing a good entrepreneurial team with whom to plan the solution and collaborate in the foundation and growth of the companies, which we promote by providing the necessary resources to strengthen the projects.

hid-up venture builder Support of your ideas


Think big

Strategic and operational support throughout its life cycle from foundation to sale or IPO.


Building Business

We build businesses with entrepreneurs, sharing risks and benefits from the beginning.


Partners on your trip

We offer tools to boost the creative process of innovation and entrepreneurship.


business value

Providing value in the growth strategy, as well as in the development of the project.

Than Media we will put at your service


Product development

Our team of developers will work on generating the MVP so that you can focus on growing the project.


comprehensive planning

We will launch the project giving support to the communication strategy together with the entrepreneurial team.


Business Management

We seek and detect talent for each project. We take care of recruiting the ideal management and technical team in all cases.


Legal base

Legal advice for company incorporation, patent registration, trademark, GDPR, and everything related to the creation of a company.


Economic management

Accounting planning of the startup, banking services, billing, accounting, payroll, grants and credits.


Public-private financing

Active search for private capital investment (seed angels, etc...) and coordination in the request for public aid.

hid-up venture builder Entrepreneurship support


advanced advice

Do you have an idea but you need to find partners? Are you ready to undertake but lack the appropriate equipment? Tell us and we will offer you options to start building seriously.


I have an idea but...

We create synergies between entrepreneurs with complementary ideas and solutions and we provide everything necessary to make it work.


let's grow together

Initially consolidating a project is very difficult, we take care of shaping the team that accompanies you along the way.


continuous backup

We will grow side by side, making sure at all times that you have the ideal human team to climb each step without fissures.

hid-up venture builder think in big

Our successful ventures

Hidup Medical

Pioneers in new technologies applied to the medical sector such as e-health and the comprehensive digitization of the health sector.

hidup consulting

Experts in development, cloud and devops. More than 20 years working with digital companies endorse us to supervise entrepreneurs.

Hidup Smart Health App

The app that provides solutions to transfers in health emergencies by integrating and exchanging sensitive data between centers and official bodies.


Create management software for sports centers, clubs, federations, municipalities, trips, events, competitions, streaming and rrss.

hidup venture builder

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