"Hidup means life. Something that grows from within us and makes us create and innovate.
This is our life."

Juan Bautista Mesa - CEO & Cofounder

Hidup corporation

Hidup was born with the intention of adapting ourselves to the current technological world, and to the changes that this produces in society at all levels. We are immersed in all branches of computing and its applications in the business, health, cultural and sports world. We create and develop all kinds of ideas in the form of programs and mobile applications. We invest in talent for those startups that need that push to sustain their business take-off. We work in synergy with other companies to implement technical computer projects.

Our teams

Hidup Medical

Pioneers in new technologies applied to the medical sector. The future of health.

Hidup consulting

Experts in development, cloud and devops. More than 20 years support us.


R&D Sports and Technology.

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